Names Matter

Names carry meanings. Those meanings often include implications. For example, if you were to see a classified listing that advertised a ‘Red 1999 Honda Civic,’ and you made an appointment with the seller to view this item, you would likely go with expectations of seeing a red-painted automobile, made by a Japanese company just before the turn of the century. Imagine your surprise if you showed up to the appointment

Pushing Buttons

Electronic dance music (EDM), a style of popular music that has gone from niche popularity to ubiquity in the past couple of decades, has developed a reputation for drawing a significant amount of criticism. Too simple, too loud, no “real” instruments; these rank among the commonly spouted critical assessments of the genre, but perhaps the most common criticism of EDM is that both the production and performance require limited musical

Heavy Metal: A Genre, Or An Aesthetic?

Heavy metal tends to be divisive. Over the past five decades, this category of music has been associated with large-scale transgression in various forms including church burnings, drug abuse, misogyny, ethnic cleansing, sexual deviance, and general rebellion and social dissonance. Outside of metal communities, it is not uncommon for the style to be dismissed as merely noise, a non-musical cultural practice that cultivates social transgression while fetishizing loudness, speed, and

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